Use and Care Water Hyacinth Product


You can use them to store vegetable, fruit, food, clothes, household goods.....
It will help organize and keep a clean tidy look within in any room. It looks good in the bedroom, office, craft room, bath room or even your living room. 


  •  Do not put it in a wet environment for a long time to prevent it from being moldy caused by the humidity.
  •  You can keep it in the sun on a regular basis, and it's good for the maintenance of the product.
  •  If there is mildew, please do not wash them with water. Only need to use the brush to wipe moldy gently, and then put in a place with sunshine.

* The product life depends on your usage and preservation. Natural fibers, though treated, will also be susceptible to dampness when the storage conditions are poor.


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